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 Zane's Adjustable Wheel Shield

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Adjustable for 15 to 20 Inch Rims
Easily Adjust to Premarked Wheel Sizes.
Locking Fastener Holds Secure.
Circumference Lip for Complete Coverage. Comfortable Handle.
Unique Patented Design.
Made from Recycled Plastic.
Made in Michigan USA.

Zanes Wheel Shield
Price: $19.95

Not recommended for use
with Dupli-Color tire sprays


 The Original Driveway Mate

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Overspray Shield and Tool Storage Tray
The Driveway Mate was specifically engineered to avoid messy overspray that leaves ugly, hard to clean stains on driveways, parking surfaces and garage floors. It's a unique design that is adjustable and fits most wheels (even 30 inch rims). Keeps garage floors safe and reduces possibility of injury due to slip and fall. From washing to drying wheels you are guaranteed a clean work area reducing contaminants coming in contact with your clean towels Keeps loose wheel pieces from getting lost and protects painted wheel clips from scratches on abrasive surfaces
A Must Have for Every Car Enthusiast

The Driveway Mate
Price: $24.95

Wheel Band

Zane Wheel Shield Wheel Bands
Defending Rims with Style

A Wheel Band Kit can be used on wheel sizes up to 22"

Everything you need to outfit your wheels up to 22".. Check to be sure your wheel design has the minimum 1/4" (6 mm) flat surface required for proper mounting!

Kit includes: 4 mounting tracks, 4 color inserts, 1 application tool, 2 surface prep wipes.

First time DIY installers can complete a set of 4 wheels in 40 - 60 minutes. Installers with a few kits of experience can complete a set of 4 wheels in 20-30 minutes.

Track Color: Silver or Black
Insert Color: Silver, Black, Red, White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green.

Sale Price: $99.00
Compared at: $119.00
You Save: $20.00
Free Shipping
Call 1-313-405-5169 to oders Wheel Bands


Zane's Wheel Shield Store
Not recommended

for use with
Dupli-Color tire sprays

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Cafe Zane Wheel Shield