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"I love it, no mess, perfection every time…thanks! "
     Corona, NY.

“This is the best product on the market for wheels!”
     John S.,
     Martinsville, VA

“I think it's awesome, saves me from having to clean my rims twice. I have already told a few of my friends about the wheel shield.”
     Dan L.,
     Walnut, CA

“This made such a fabulous gift! It was even better than I imagined.”
     Jennifer G.,
     Gettysburg, PA

"I am so impressed with how easy the wheel shield is to use. A great idea, well executed."
     Phil S.,
     Redondo Beach, CA

“I wish I had thought of this myself! My only problem with it is that my friends want to borrow it and I don’t’ think they’ll give it back.”
     Don O.,
     Cass City, MI

“My package arrived quickly and safely. Thanks for the great service.”
     Chuck O.,
     Cape Coral, FL

“I never realized that there was such a size difference between the wheels on my three cars, and this fits them all. This thing rocks!”
     Andy M.,
     Amarillo, TX

“Good bye Q-Tips…no more cleaning all of those little crevices and grooves in my rims. Awesome is the only word for this.”
     Wally Z.,
     Ocean City, MD

“I never imagined that I would be so happy with this shield. It has made detailing my cars so much easier. I save so much time now – it’s the best $19.95 I’ve ever spent.”
     Glen K.,
     Lincoln Park, MI

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