Zane Wheel Shield

Zane's Wheel Shield

Keeping your wheels looking great
just got easier with
Zane’s Adjustable Wheel Shield.
--- See The Wheel Shield in Action ---

  • Adjustable for 15 to 20 Inch Wheels
  • Easily Adjust to Premarked Wheel Sizes
  • Locking Fastener Holds Secure
  • Circumference Lip for Complete Coverage
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Unique Patented Design
  • Made from Recycled Plastic

Zane's Products Wheel ShieldCar detailers everywhere are talking about the unique adjustable design of Zane's Adjustable Vehicle Wheel Shield, which provides a protective cover and prevents tire dressings and tire sprays from getting on wheels and rims during application. Now everyone can afford the convenience of owning a professional auto detailing tool. No longer is it necessary to own multiple and expensive wheel covers or wheel protectors in various sizes. The special patented design of Zane's Adjustable Vehicle Wheel Shield uses a sliding adjustment and locking fastener to allow for quick and easy adjustment to protect wheels and rims ranging in size from 15"- 20". One wheel shield can be used for multiple vehicles, saving money, time and storage space!

HOW IT WORKS! The ingenious convex shape of Zane's patented Adjustable Vehicle Wheel Shield allows for full coverage of protruding spokes, hub caps, spinners and even valve stems. The design of the outer circumference lip provides a tight fit for complete coverage and the comfort handle is strategically positioned for easy, one-handed use, leaving the other hand available for applying tire dressings and tire sprays only to the rubber and not your wheels.

WHEELS & RIMS STAY CLEAN! Overspray of tire dressings won't attract dirt and soil to brakes and behind wheels. Tires and rims maintain a professional detailed and website pics 3 clean appearance... just as if new! Car detailers will save time and eliminate frustration of having to clean away tire dressings from rims and wheels. Plus, when finished, Zane's Adjustable Vehicle Wheel Shield can be easily rinsed and stored for future use.

Act now! Zane's Adjustable Vehicle Wheel Shield has received a U.S. Patent and is available now. Contact us today for additional details; wholesale pricing is available. Give us a call at 313-405-5169 or send us a note on our Contact Page Suggested Manufacturer Retail Pricing is $19.99.

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